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Autumn is on its way Autumn is on its way

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Love the strings! I agree with ac371, the instrument quality is amazing. The melody is pretty good, too. Sounds like it could be apart of a soundtrack from a movie.
It gets really awesome at 1:34.

But it doesn't really give me the feeling of autumn or fall. Makes me think more of spring. I dunno, the only seasons I really ever see around here are winter and summer, so I might have a pretty biased opinion. I always imagined fall to be kind of melancholy and thought provoking. This songs seems too happy for autumn.

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Tomppaah responds:

Thanks :)

Hmm.. You might be right. But it all depends on how you look at it ;)
If say, you fell in love during the past summer you would be flying on clouds for the coming months, even if the season changed from warm and sunny summer, to a somewhat colder and less sunny autumn. In my case, this tune represents my feelings for the past summer, which has to be the greatest summer so far, and all the great memories from it. :)

Music is all about emotions. If you can't feel anything while listening to a tune, you're not really hearing it.

Thanks again! :)